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A description of the Putta.sti of Alainkonda in the year of
Baktakfi during tie administration of Gavurappa Nayadti in
the reign oi Vira Xurasirnharaya :

I.    (<7   Drylwid'.M the  rate  of ga 20   ivaraJias}  for a
vltfijvadi H -1   />^f*   Trhieh eacli contractor (had taken) on an
average,   tor kli 9 of fields  which  IS contractors  had rented,
J"the uniouiit i>) <rwi SoO.y

Fixed iv!tt (V: tselds (kattv-ffutta pol<Dv} (winch are under)
Kunalti Mitddayyu and 15 others. The Z7? 24^ land under
fixed-rent tei:iii:trf (yields) a rent of ga BGJ-.

The tw* kinfls 01 dry-land together (yield) a rent of ga 396 J.

(A)  yirdramlatn (Lands depending1 for  cultivation on
artificial irilvati m<:

;     'Tl^ uumial income from5 Sugar-cane,

betel ieai and vegetable gardens is,.*    ga 60
ii.    The paddy from Cintalatona             ...    kh 25|

Both the l:ammatam% and income         ...        55J

II,    Siddhayas (Fixed incomes):

(a) Awjadt-siddhayas <Fised income from shops) :

The   shops   in   the   name   of   Ganrappa

isayadu                                                          ...      9

The shops of Balija Settis                            ...    12

The sbops of Racuti of Kodamtiru            ...      6

The shops of Nalla Timma Setti                ...      6

The shops of Vlri Setti            "                 ...      6

Total number of shops        ...    43

Tlae word means ^{aanaal) produce.1 See L. 18 of Vijayaraghava's grant to the
1939, p. &

f 'Ga' ifcuads for g&djnat another name for -earth i ; '&&' stands for khanduga or
u4 of the sowing opacity of 20 turn* of grain ; it also stands for puff* the equivalent of

I Tke term tammat sm mean* the cultivation -which aa owaer carries on with Li
owa faratckfif sto^lc.

 The aidition is wrong : the total number is only 39,